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Environmentally Friendly Brass Alloy

ECO BRASS" a new alloy for the 21st Century

ECO BRASS is patented by Mitsubishi Shindoh and licensed as follows excluding Japan;

Rod Products
Chase Brass,Wieland, Diehl, Otto Fuchs, KME, and Sarbak

Cast Products
Chase Brass, Ingot Metals, CMX, and Concast

ECO BRASS is licensed for production by the above makers in their respective territories.

Licensed ECO BRASS may be fabricated into parts and final products then exported freely  around the world.

Environmentally Friendly Brass Alloy ECO BRASS is a lead-free brass alloy developed by Mitsubishi Shindoh Co., Ltd. This new alloy is an ideal brass alloy with excellent machinability, forgeability and high strength, equivalent to stainless steel. ECO BRASS eliminates the problems of stress corrosion cracking and dezincification corrosion, typical disadvantages of traditional brass materials. In addition, ECO BRASS has good fluidity and good castability making it highly suitable as a casting alloy. With ECO BRASS it is possible to produce any shape, be it rod, forged, or cast.

 Key Features

Lead-free environmentally friendly brass material
High strength equivalent to stainless steel
Good machinability
Excellent de-zincification corrosion resistance
Excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance
Excellent warm brittleness cracking resistance
Excellent hot forgeability
Good castability

Water supply devices such as faucets, valves, fittings, etc. Precision parts as a substitute for stainless steel such as shafts, screw, bearings. Electronics parts, automobile parts.